The Importance of Vacuuming - Step 4 Of Our All Inclusive Carpet Care Program

Did you know that 80-90% of soil found in your carpet is dry soil? Dry soil basically refers to dirt that is NOT embedded within the carpet fibers (whether polyester or nylon).

What this means is that the majority of soil that is causing the carpets to appear dirty and create an unhealthy environment can simply be removed from vacuuming.

Here at Hyper Steam we do ask all customers to vacuum before our arrival and you will even receive a text message about this.

This is intentional. Having the homeowner vacuum will ensure that they pick up as much stuff off the carpet (ha!) as well as, vacuuming twice really helps to ensure as much dry soil is removed as possible.

However, make no mistake that the remaining 20% of dirt is nearly impossible to remove without the help of professional grade equipment. Vacuuming will not replace the need for a yearly or biyearly professional carpet cleaning visit.

But in order for us, or any carpet cleaning company to CORRECTLY perform a steam cleaning, vacuuming is important.

Imagine for a moment that you go to wash the dishes. Do you immediately apply soap to the dish? No, right you rinse off as much excess food residue first and then you proceed to apply soap and scrub.

You may not have even realized this but the reason you do this is so the soap can work as effectively as possible. There is no reason to make the soap work extra hard and be wasted on residue that could be removed first by just rinsing. Only after you've removed excess mess, does it make sense to apply soap and scrub what doesn't come off easily.

When a carpet cleaning skips vacuuming, the detergent they apply (which should be included in the cleaning process so if you're being upsold on DETERGENT, you should look for a different company), has to work extra hard as it's bonding to not only the embedded soil, but also the dry soil.

Meaning they have to apply more detergent which you risk carpet wicking (read more about that on our other blog).

They have to rinse more times meaning they soak the carpets with more water which means longer dry times.

It also just means they aren't achieving the best results possible because the detergent cannot work as effectively. This means you're left with less of a healthy home than you could have had.